Aethertopia Benefactor Registration

About the Guild Districts

Aethertopia is an enclosed city with seven distinct Guild Districts, each representing one aspect of Steampunk Making. The closer your products align with your Guild District, the better positioned you will be for people to find you when they are looking for either you or your products. (Think of them as the departments in a store.)

Here is a brief description of each of the Guilds, so that you can best fit your store into the city of Aethertopia. Remember, you don’t have to exclusively sell this item, but it should be your dominant, front & center attraction to your selling space. We want our guests to really be engrossed in the themed experience, and we need your help to pull that off.


Hatters Guild

Hats, fascinators, scarves, masks, wigs, head coverings of all kinds.


Seamsters Guild

Clothing, corsets, capes, underwear, overwear, outerwear, just about anything you drape over your body to make it presentable in public.


Explorers Guild

Expeditionary equipment, from leather tea caddies to brass telescopes, from backpacks to buckled boots. Models of airships, balloons, or other such “realistic” devices for the genre, as well as personal travel care items, such as beard care products or luggage are a good fit as well.


Inventors Guild

Any contraption or device that actually functions, whether it’s a table lamp or a phone caddy, a bluetooth speaker system or a grandfather clock.


Artists Guild

Statuary, paintings, display pieces, jewelry, or craft items that people would use to make such things. If it is a stylized non-functioning representation of something, other than an airship or a weapon, it belongs in this Guild District.


Storytellers Guild

If it tells a story, it belongs in this district. Books, music, comics, films, audio dramas, and podcasts are all examples of things that fit here.


Assassins Guild

Weapons of all types (non-functioning, of course), including guns, blades, blasters or blunderbusts. This is also a good place for disguises… whatever an assassin might need to carry out her work.