Aethertopia Benefactor Registration

Benefactor Setup Information

Welcome to our Benefactor Registration and Information Page!

To get your Set Up time slot, please read the information on this page, then head on down to the bottom and fill out the form. 


Entering on Friday

Use the Orient Road Gate. Follow the Aethertopia/Steampunk signs around to the back of the Entertainment Hall. Benefactor Entrance is to the right.

Parking Passes

Parking passes will be distributed during setup on Friday. These passes will give you access through the Orient Road Gate all weekend.


As of now, our buffet dinner is expected to be served starting at 6:30 PM. We hope to see you there!


Please remember this is an IMMERSIVE EVENT, so please dress in your Steampunk attire so that we can maintain the appearance that you are all part of the Nomadic City of Steampunk Makers.


Every booth with have electricity, but may not be directly on top of an electrical outlet. Be sure to bring an extension cord if we need to run power the last few feet to your booth.

Extra Help

Your Booth Reservation admits two people. If you need more than two for your booth, please use the Additional Person purchase option found here.

Booth Location

When you arrive, one of our staff will escort you directly to your booth location. They will also give you your parking pass, your tokens, and your wristbands. It’s that easy.

Rolling Cart

We took what you said last year seriously, and this year we have acquired a rolling cart for those who do not have their own. We hope it helps make your move in that much more smooth.


And that’s pretty much it. Please fill out the form below and we’ll see you in Aethertopia on Friday!