Aethertopia Benefactor Registration

Vendor Terms & Conditions

This is the official portal for vendor registration. No verbal or written requests will be honored without payment and completed application. It is the vendor’s responsibility to request their appropriate district location upon successful completion of the vendor application. If you do not make a district/location request, then we will do our best to identify you products and put them in the location that we believe will best serve both you and our guests.

If you have difficulty completing the registration form, or do not receive a confirmation that you have completed the form, then do not hesitate to contact us at Apseom. Having been vendors ourselves, we understand how important it is to have clear and complete communication. Our goal is to make this the best oveall vendor experience you’ve ever had.

Benefactor Passes

Benefactors will be supplied with two Benefactor badges for each booth/table purchased. Additional badges may be purchased at the convention for $25/each. If you attempt to do anything with these passes except use them for your help at the event, your consequences will vary between being asked to return in the pass, requiring the offending helpers to leave the premises, requiring you and your display to leave the premises, and doing so with no expectation of any refund.

Anyone working at your both must have their Benefactor pass visible at all times. Pass sharing between your helpers is fine, so long as they are not working at the same time. (You can use one pass for two helpers who are helping you on different days, for example). If you are caught selling or loaning your passes to anyone, you will be reprimanded, with consequences as severe as being asked to remove yourself, your staff, and your merchandise from the event with no refund. Please consider this when determining your Benefactor pass requirements.

Adult Materials Policy

While Aethertopia is a gathering place for an immensely diverse crowd, the event still includes, and is geared toward, people of all ages, including minors. We require that Benefactors completely refrain from selling adult merchandise of any kind (i.e. all hentai; yaoi, yuri, shounen-ai or shoujo-ai containing graphic or explicit content; any material with explicit language, graphic content, etc.;). The acceptability of merchandise is at the sole discretion of the Aethertopia Executive Committee, and their judgments are absolute and non- negotiable. Anything above a PG-13 rating should not be brought to the event to sell, as we will ask you to remove it from your table. Failure to comply with warnings may result in removal from the Guild Districts, fines, the revocation of Benefactor status and forfeiture of Benefactor fees. Additionally, the public showing of adult animated or live film at the event is prohibited.

Adult media cannot be sold or displayed. Any form of pornography is absolutely prohibited and will be dealt with severely. The offending merchant will immediately be reported to the proper authorities. Furthermore, Aethertopia and Apseom reserve the right to pursue legal actions against said merchant.  On a side note, it is the venue’s policy that adult materials of any kind are strictly prohibited, so regardless of Aethertopia’s personal decision regarding adult materials, it is against the law to sell this merchandise on venue property. Please take all of this into consideration when deciding what items to bring and sell at your booth or table. Don’t waste tote space on stuff you can’t sell.

Weapons Sales

Steampunk has a lot of highly stylized weaponry, and it should all be non-functional. The only exception to this rule is for functional NERF guns (or NERF gun equivalents. But even those may not be modified to shoot more than their regular NERF bullets). It is our goal to make this event as safe as possible for all attendees.  Therefore, the following rules shall apply to all weapons for sale or on display at your booth:

  1. All Firearm reproductions, even ray guns or blunderbusts, should be made completely of plastic or wood, and must have an absolute minimum number of metal parts. Screws, bolts, candlestick barrels, or minor ornamentation MAY be allowed, so long as it does not pose any threat whatsoever to another guest. All such weapons will be checked at random by our security staff using metal detectors. Anything that does not pass this inspection will be treated as an “Edged Weapon”.
  2. Edged Weapons, such as knives, swords, axes, maces, sword canes, etc, may be sold at your booth, but must be held at your booth until District Closing Time (6:00 PM on Saturday, 4:00 PM on Sunday), or until a member of our Security Team can escort the buyer out of the facility and to their vehicle. This policy does NOT apply to foam/LARP style weapons, regardless of how realistic they look. We will be using the same metal detectors to check all such weapons that are seen in the facility by staff to make sure our guests (and YOU!) are as safe as possible.

Bootleg/Piracy Policy

Absolutely no pirated material of any sort may be sold at Aethertopia. We are here to exalt and glorify the makers and artists who create the goods, so selling pirated material is the complete diametric opposite of what we stand for. Any such material, or media advertising such material, will be confiscated, and law enforcement will be notified so they may investigate and prosecute if appropriate. We couldn’t be more serious about this. It is up to Aethertopia’s Executive Committee to determine on site what constitutes a violation of this policy. Once implemented, however, there shall be no negotiation or recourse. The decision of the Executive Committee is final and binding.

Food or Drink

Due to venue contract guidelines, no food or drink may be sold at your booth. You can bring your own, but if anything you sell is being consumed by a Guest (such as a commemorative chocolate bar that you never thought anybody would eat), then you will be asked to remove all such merchandise from your display, and cease selling such items. Venue rules, not ours.

Florida State Sales Tax

Florida state law requires that all merchants charge 7% Florida sales tax separate from the amount of the sale. Merchants are required to receive a state tax ID from the Florida Department of Revenue before the convention and keep records of their tax license on site should it become necessary to present such documentation.  Please go to or for information. If you already possess a current Florida Tax ID, please make sure to bring the original copy as well as a photocopy to the convention center on the day of set up.  If you have any questions about the Florida state sales tax, go to or contact the Florida State Comptroller’s Office, 1-800-848-3792



Because of the nature of our event, no refunds are allowed. Please contact us if you have any special situations that might need our attention


The most important rule here, however, is that you have an incredibly fun experience as a Benefactor of the Steampunk Universe. We understand that YOU keep this thing going, keep it growing, and make it a bigger, better fan world every other day of the year. We love you and love what you do.

Thank you!

Aethertopia Executive Committee